1985 Schramberg/Germany

ArtCenter Istanbul Artist



İstanbul Yıldız Technical University Art and Design Faculty – Art Department,Combined Art Programme

The University of Art and Industrial Design Linz/Austria –  Experimental Design


2012 What I Love / ArtCenter Istanbul Artists Group Exhibiton – Borusan Music House

2011 Linux Software Days-Arduino Workshop/Art, Design, Free Electronic

2010 Ambiguous Situations, Yüksel Sabanci Art Center

2010 Almost in Passing _ Galeri 5533-İMÇ

2009 Linz09 European Capital of Culture,Kunst Universitat Linz,    Extra Europa-Inspiring İstanbul Group Exhibition

2008 Partake ”Dilimin Ucunda”

2008 If İstanbul Film Festival_re potemkin

2008 Workshop with Prof.Dr. Sergio Taborda ‘One-Minute Sculptures’ of Erwin Wurm’

2007 Summer Art Academy Duzhdovnitsa Village,Bulgaria

2007 Pera Museum-Working Space

    • hakan
    • May 2nd, 2011

    hey, just saw your website… its interesting for me cuz i’m also a designer (information) and also have lived in austria (graz-erasmus)… ll follow ur website more often 🙂 greetings 🙂

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